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Hexagram 6

I. The oracle


A. Hexagram six is related to Conflict. Another variation would be The idea of a cautious halt during the moving forward with our fixed plans, or heaven above and water below, which I have noticed prove to be detrimental to drivers, the more water, the less traction. Going through to the end brings misfortune, that is, unless you are going the see the Great Man, your doctor, that would be a good place to chance travel in order to have something done at this time.

   1. Now is not a good time to cross the great water. I say that because as the image depicts, that of conflict, with water below or anything involving water, be on the lookout. There is some headway if one observes and uses care during deliberation.
   2. Conflict

B. The Image

  1. Heaven and water go their opposite ways; danger and expansiveness
      a) The image of Conflict, the rabbit in the briar patch
      b) Thus it furthers one to see the great man

II. My interpretation


A. In terms of interrelating with other people, conflict evolves when we use speech to defile others, so with that the moving of hands is the next stage of conflict and then the violation of others personal space. Over the years I have noticed that this hexagram brings with it a high number of wrecks, so be extra careful when traveling if you really have to move about today. Go your planed route and return with care.

   1. Again, now is not a good time to cross the great river, in plan words, keep travel at a minimal, if at all possible.

Remember, the only resolution at this time is not to try and force or forge on into the unknown thereby wondering from The Way. Be patient at this time and wait on the Will of Heaven, that is when we can say in deed, As Above, so below, Heaven over Heaven (Hexagram 1). Right now we see the image of Heaven over water, that of conflict. Go out to the beach and look, and believe me that Great White is out there somewhere, there is no bridge to cross that vastness, so again, be patient and wait on the will of heaven.


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